Introducing CelluPOS

A powerful, practical, all-in-one point of sale platform that offers simplicityfor wireless retailers. Learn more about how CelluPOS can transform your POS experience.

CelluPOS was built from the ground up, by a Wireless Dealer, for Wireless Dealers!

Our cloud-based platform is designed for wireless retailers by previous owners of wireless retail stores. We know our platform will transform your POS experience & take your business to the next level.

Standard POS Features

Our wireless POS platform is designed with convenience & usability in mind.
Here are just a few of our features.

100% Web-based Platform

Inventory Management

Track Carrier Rebates & Commissions

Qoute Module

Integrated Merchant Solutions

User Management

Time & Attendance

Multi-store Ready

Master Dealer Ready

Simple Reporting

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ro R.

"I have used many point of sale systems over my 8 years in the wireless business, and this is by far the easiest and best system I've ever had to work with. Highly convenient and easy to understand."

Nessa P.

"Easiest point of sale system I have ever worked with. Makes our job 10 times easier and cuts down so much time that we would have to take using other systems. Very convenient and super easy to use!!"

Brittany J.

"This is an amazing system. It is organized and well structured making things easy to find and simple to work with. CelluPOS is very beneficial when working with a customer, it helps get the job done quickly so the customer's time is not wasted. Would recommend for other companies to use, since it does make the job a whole lot easier."

Eloisa R.

"This system has made life so much easier at work. Chris is awesome and always so helpful. I'm so glad we have the privilege to use the CelluPOS system."

James C.

"If you are going crazy try to keep up with everything involved with managing your wireless store or stores. Your needs have been answered. An all inclusive well thought out system with incredible reporting and tools to save you money."

Kasi H.

"Excellent customer service and very responsive!!!!"

Lyndsey G.

"This system is so easy to use, love it! This is the best software program I have used at work!"

Selina C.

"Such a Great System, Very clean & Straight Forward. Easiest system I've used."


Setup Only Takes a Minute!